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BESC-UK is a leading independent Health and Safety Practice specialising in Construction Design Management and Health and Safety. We provide both practical and commercial Health and Safety solutions on all projects.

“From Conception & Construction to Completion & Beyond"


The Partners of BESC-UK have diverse experience and qualifications. They are, therefore, well-placed to assist clients in undertaking their duties under the

Building Safety Act 2022, CDM 2015, and associated statutory legislation.


As Members of the Association for Project Safety (APS) and Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), BESC-UK provides Accredited Principal Designer, Principal Designer Advisor, and Client CDM Advisor Services under the CDM 2015 Regulations and the Building Safety Act 2022.​

BESC-UK has an extensive project portfolio, including high-rise apartment buildings, residential estates, retail, industrial, commercial, development, and refurbishment of education buildings, health care, and heritage projects.

BESC-UK collaborates closely with multinational award-winning architectural practices, principal contractors, and local and government authorities. BESC-UK constantly develops how identified hazards can be directly integrated into BIM modeling, for example, alongside the strategic coordination of the provision of Interactive Health and Safety and Fire Assurance Records, photographic evidence, and associated supporting documentation.

With collective and comprehensive experience in coordinating projects valued from £2 to £100 Million, BESC-UK can provide Valuable Health and Safety Solutions within all construction and built environments.

CDM 2015 & BSA 2022 - Principal Designers - Principal Designer Advisors - CDM Client Advisors

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